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DanceMix Training ab 7 Jahren

DanceMix classes combine many different cultures, styles and techniques (such as contemporary, jazz, funk, hiphop, afro, dancehall,..)

Video: Lorenza and DanceMix


Alter Level Datum Tag + Zeit Preis in SFr. 1 Lekt. dauert 17% Rabatt 2. Lekt./Woche
DanceMix (7-15 jährig) A bis A-M Stufe Schnupperlektion (1 Lekt.) Di. 18.30-19.30 Uhr Fr. 24.- 50-60 Min. Fr. 20.- für 1 Lekt.
DanceMix (7-15 jährig) A bis A-M Stufe Schnuppermonat (4 Lekt.) Di. 18.30-19.30 Uhr Fr. 96.- für 4 Lekt. 50-60 Min. Fr. 80.- für 4 Lekt.
DanceMix (7-15 jährig) A bis A-M Stufe Danach halbjährlich zahlbar Di. 18.30-19.30 Uhr Fr. 24 pro Lektion 50-60 Min. Fr. 20 pro Lektion

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DanceMix classes: In order to give an ample and academic education about the world of dance. The freestyle technique will also be part of the classes, in order to work on the self-knowledge of the body, and to be able to express yourself with your own movements and feelings.

Lorenza Berto is ballet, contemporary and street dancer, teacher and choreographer. She has been working as choreographer for the Hollywood Star Andrea Bocelli. Her professional career started as a ballet and contemporary dancer in Italy, moving later to New York for the Ajkun Ballet Theatre. She has been training the street style techniques with famous choreographers such as Kennis Marquis, Phlex, Rob Rich, Phil Wright, WilldaBeast) in the most famous studios of Los Angeles (Debbies, Millennium, Movement Lifestyle).